Get to know the channeled vacuum bags
Get to know the channeled vacuum bags

The channeled vacuum bag is one of the newest types of packaging, which is used for food packaging. Channeled vacuum bags have become very popular in recent years. These bags cause better storage and longer preservation of food due to their special structure.

What is the nature of the channeled vacuum bag? Are there any special conditions that need to be considered when using these bags? And when and where was the channeled vacuum bag used for the first time? The answers to these questions are very interesting. Because we probably consider many products unique to recent years.

In this article, we would like to talk to you about the history of the production of these bags, their uses, benefits, and how to buy channeled vacuum bags. So we suggest you stay with us until the end of this article.

What is a channeled vacuum bag?

Channeled vacuum bags are also called channeled vacuum bags. In general, vacuum bags are designed in such a way that air can be removed more easily. Channeled vacuum bags or textured bags, with their special design, prevent the entry of excess oxygen and preserve the packaged products. These bags are produced with different thicknesses.

History of the channeled vacuum bag

Since the invention of vacuum cleaners, vacuum bags have entered the market. The first vacuum bags were made of cloth and were used in vacuum cleaners. In the 1950s, paper vacuum bags entered the market. One of the advantages of paper vacuum bags was their easy emptying. Later, with the passage of time, people thought of using vacuum bags to pack clothes and food. Of course, vacuum machines were produced for the first time during the Second World War. In fact, the vacuum machine was invented by a German named Karl Bosch.

At first, vacuum packaging was used on a much smaller scale. In other words, at that time, vacuum bags with channels were used to pack clothes and food for families and soldiers who went to war. Finally, a revolution took place in the vacuum packaging process with the introduction of the first industrial vacuum packaging machines in 1963. The technology used in vacuum bags was based on removing oxygen from the packages before sealing them. Yes! This was the first time that food could be safely and cost-effectively packaged and used for a longer period of time on an industrial scale.

You may be surprised to know that the vacuum bag is not a new idea. All of the devices used today for vacuuming were originally developed during World War II. Today, channeled vacuum bags and vacuum packaging are used in industry and the home.

Various applications of channeled vacuum bags

The channeled vacuum bag is used for various purposes. As you may have noticed, channeled vacuum bags are used to pack food under vacuum conditions. Different types of vacuum bags can also be used for packing clothes. In the following, we mention the various applications of vacuum bags:

  • Homemade food packaging
  • Food packaging on an industrial scale
  • Use in vacuum cleaners to compress dust
  • Cloth packaging

Of course, it should be noted that these bags have various applications, which has caused them to be widely produced.

Advantages of channel vacuum bags

Using food vacuum bags has many advantages. However, keep in mind that you will get these benefits when you use a high-quality channeled vacuum bag. In the following, we will mention the most important advantages of storing food in channeled vacuum bags.

  • The food does not have the taste and smell of plastic.
  • Harmful substances do not enter the food
  • Prevent oxidation and maintain food quality
  • Works well with all vacuum sealers
  • It does not tear easily
  • The ingredients are FDA approved

Of course, as we said, the advantages of channeled vacuum bags are food protection, reducing harmful effects and increasing the shelf life of food.

How to buy a channel vacuum bags

Karya Polymer is a knowledge-based company that is active in the field of producing channeled vacuum bags. This company uses the latest technology to produce channeled vacuum bags for the first time in Iran. Channeled vacuum bags made by Karya Polymer are produced from multi-layered polymer films that are impermeable.

The distinctive feature of channeled vacuum bags of this company is the presence of micro channels on the inner surface of the bag, which allows the air in the food layer to be discharged. The complete removal of air and creating a barrier against air penetration is one of the reasons for the shelf life of food products.

Channeled vacuum bags are produced by Karya Polymer with the following specifications:

  • The thickness of channeled vacuum bags is between 50 and 200 micrometers.
  • The length and width of vacuum bags with channels are between 100 and 1000 mm.
  • Karya Polymer produces channeled vacuum bags in different colors according to the customer’s request.
  • It is possible to print on the channeled vacuum bags. Of Karya polymer

It should be noted that the price of channeled vacuum bags is different according to their type. This means that the higher percentage of polyamide in these bags follows the higher the cost. If you intend to buy channeled vacuum bags, it is better to contact our colleagues through the communication channels available on the Karya Polymer website and share the details of your order with us completely. Karya Polymer will provide you with a high quality product with a professional team.

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Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is one of the new scientific approaches in the packaging industry. This method focuses on increasing shelf life by reducing microbial activity. In this method, the shelf life of the materials is increased by reducing the oxygen level and injecting a combination of specific gases.

Oxygen Reservoir Bag

Oxygen Reservoir Bag | The reservoir bag is connected to an oxygen tank. The mask covers both your nose and mouth.

Vacuum Channel Bags

Vacuum Channel Bags are produced with the new technology available at Karya Polymer Company for the first time in Iran.

Aseptic Packaging or Bag in Box is perfectly designed to extend the shelf life of liquid or semi-liquid food or industrial products

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Karya Pack Fresh Bag increase the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables up to 5 times. These have been designed for home use and are available in different sizes. Controlling the gasses percentage balance (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and the humidity of atmosphere inside the bags, Karya Fresh Bag increase shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.