The best tire brands in the world and Iran

One of the most important structures of a car is its tires. Today, various tires with different qualities are available on the market. Balance maintenance is the main task of tires in the vehicle. So, quality and brand of tires are important parameters which should be considered during the purchase. A consumer is looking for high quality tires at a reasonable price. Today, Iranian tires can compete with foreign brands. If you are looking for the best tire brands in Iran and the world, stay with us in this article.

History of tire production

The structure placed on the car wheels is called car rubber or tire. This part is the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground. Tires reduce the vibration caused by the roughness of the road and facilitate the movement of the car. In the past, iron wire was wrapped around the wheels of a carriage, which was called a tire. To connect the metal tires to the wooden wheels of the carriage, they expanded them with a lot of heat, and after riding on the wooden wheels, they lowered its temperature with water. This action made a strong connection between the tire and the wheels.

In 1839, after achieving the process of vulcanization (heating rubber material with sulfur), the tire manufacturing industry entered a new phase. One of the first tires to gain popularity was the inflatable bicycle tire developed by Robert Thomson. In 1839, the tire manufacturing industry entered a new phase by achieving the process of vulcanization (heating rubber material with sulfur)

In the following years, tires with a different manufacturing process became common, which includes the following:

  • Air or pneumatic tires
  • Removable tires
  • Treaded rubber
  • Tubeless tires
  • Radial tire
  • Bias tire
  • Run flat tire

Today, the change and transformation in the industry of car tires are in process. Large tire manufacturing companies are looking for the development of products with low biodegradation rates.

Different parts of tires

In the following article, we will investigate the components of the best rubber brands in Iran and the world. In addition to rubber as the main component of tires, many other materials are used in the manufacturing process of a tire. One of the materials used in the production of high-quality rubber is released embossed film. Released embossed film is often used as a separation layer on adhesive layers.

It provides the possibility for rubber and tire industry producers to place raw rubber sheets on top of each other without sticking them in the form of rolls or plates before vulcanization and transferring to the final product production line. These films separate from the rubber sheet after cutting or secondary processing. Therefore, the use of released embossed film causes uniform cutting of rubber sheets and improves the production process.

In the following section, different parts of tires will be summarized:

  • Bead
  • Framework
  • Inner liner
  • Seat belt
  • Side wall
  • Tire tread
Tire detail

Many materials and elements are used in making tires. We will mention some of them below:

  • Natural rubber
  • Synthetic polymers
  • Steel
  • textiles
  • Fillers
  • Antioxidants
  • Antiozones
  • Cooking systems

Top rubber brands in the world

After being familiar with the ingredients and structure of car tires, it is better to know the leading companies and reputable brands in this industry. Here we mention some famous global brands.

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Yokohama
  • Dunlop
  • Hankook
  • BF Goodrich


Bridgestone Company in Japan is one of the leading companies in the production of rubber products. This company produces and markets all kinds of tires and rubber accessories for vehicles. This company has 25 agencies in different countries. Bridgestone Company has been able to sell its products in 150 countries.


One of the oldest companies in the world producing rubber products is Yokohama. This company was first established in 1917. The products of this brand include various types of health, sports and construction rubber products.

Michelin tires

The Michelin brothers were the founders of the first tire manufacturing company in the world. These French brothers produce various accessories, such as bicycle tires, cars, motorcycles and accessories. One of the most prominent products of this company is the manufacture of space shuttle tires in America.

The best tire brands in Iran

Iran is one of the famous producers of the rubber industry. Some Iranian brands are very reliable and produce and sell high quality tires. Here are some examples of it.

• Barez
• Dena
• Kavir tire
• Yazd Tire
• Iran Tire
• Goldstone
• Kurdistan Barez
• Artawheel Tire
• Sirjan Tire

Barez Company

Barez Industrial Company started its activity in 1993. This company has become the only manufacturer of radial truck-bus tires in the country by receiving technology from Continental Germany. With the production of 125 thousand tons, this complex is considered as the largest tire factory in Iran. Among the products of this company, we can mention the production of radial riding tires, radial cargo tires and agricultural tires.

Dena company

Dena tire manufacturing company was established with the participation of Bridgestone company in 1974. This company produces all kinds of radial and tube tires. Currently, this company is the second domestic producer in terms of tire production on the tonnage scale in the country, with a production of over 35 thousand tons per year.

kavir tire

Kavir Tire factory was established in 1998. Among the products of this company, we can mention radial tires in different sizes and types of flaps. This company has acquired the technical knowledge of design and production of wire and tubeless radial belted tires from the Slovakian Matador company.

Goldstone Co

Goldstone is another industrial company in the field of tire production. This company manufactures and supplies a huge range of agricultural, bias van and truck tires. The central office of this company is located in Tehran. Goldstone Company is one of the tire manufacturing companies for SAIPA and Iran Khodro car manufacturers. In this article, we talked about rubber and the history of rubber. Moreover, the most famous brands in the world and Iran in the field of rubber were introduced.

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