نحوه وکیوم کردن لباس برای مسافرت

Packing and folding of clothes for traveling may seem simple, but there are some tricks that should be considered. Ignoring these notes will cause your luggage to fill up very quickly and you won’t be able to take everything you need. Moreover, the amount of luggage will increase and you will have many problems during your trip. Being familiar with the vacuuming of clothes of suitcase for traveling will prevent the mentioned problems. Moreover, you have more space at your home and you can take more supplies with you. Follow us on how to vacuum clothes for travel to know how you can take more things with less luggage.

Introducing the vacuum bag

A vacuum bag for clothes is a product that is used to collect and organize clothes in a suitcase by capturing the air inside the package. These bags save luggage space and give you up to 75% more space.

To use vacuum bags, just fold your clothes and put them inside and zip them up. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess air inside them. Now your clothes are fully vacuumed and organized and you can put them in your suitcase. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can remove the air from the vacuum bag by rolling it.

When the air inside the bags is sucked by the vacuum cleaner, the air in the fabric of the clothes and textiles is removed. This air release reduces the volume of clothes and the height of the vacuum package.

Please note that some of these bags have a lid on the air inlet. You must close the cap of air inlet of the bag as soon as you remove the vacuum cleaner; otherwise, the air will re-enter the bag.

Karya pack vacuum storage bags are the only Iranian product whose air inlet is without a cover, and you do not need to close the cover after sucking the air inside the package.

Unlike other packaging bags, vacuum storage bags can be used several times. They can be reused as long as they are not punctured. Just buy them once to get rid of the problems of packing clothes on your next trip. These bags have different sizes, the most suitable size for luggage and travel is 70 x 60 cm.

These bags solve the problem related to the lack of space in luggage by compressing clothes and textiles and are very practical. You can even use these bags inside the house and make better use of the extra space in the clothes drawers.

معرفی کیسه وکیوم لباس برای چمدان

The challenges of packing clothes before a trip

There are various challenges related to the clothes packaging before traveling. The biggest challenge is the large volume of clothes and the small amount of luggage. It is definitely difficult to fit a pile of clothes into a suitcase.

For this purpose, we suggest that you first buy bags for vacuuming clothes for travel. Then fold each cloth according to its type and model in the correct way and put them in the bags. You can put the bags regularly in the suitcase so that you can easily take all the necessary things.

The advantage of using a vacuum storage bag

In addition to solving the lack of space, using bags for vacuuming clothes for traveling has other advantages that we will explain below:

Reducing the volume of clothes

The volume of clothes is reduced up to 4 times by using a vacuum bag. So, you can take all the clothes that you want with you. Even if you collect all the clothes, you may still have empty space in your suitcase, so you can put other things in it.

Improving the arrangement of clothes

If you arrange the clothes in an unprincipled way inside the suitcase, it will be difficult for you to access them during the trip. For example, you put the t-shirts at the bottom of the suitcase, so you have to disassemble all the clothes to remove the t-shirts. But bags for vacuuming clothes for traveling have eliminated this problem.

These bags make clothes better arranged in the suitcase. By using vacuum bags, the order of the clothes will not be lost and you can easily move them and then put them in their special place in the suitcase.

Prevent damage to clothes

Moisture is one of the most important factors that damage clothes. If your luggage gets wet for any reason, the resulting moisture can seriously damage your clothes. But, the special vacuum bag prevents the clothes from moisture and other harmful factors.

Preventing insects from entering clothes

If you want to go to nature, there is a possibility of insects’ entrance to your luggage. Therefore, if you do not use a vacuum bag for clothes, these creatures may enter your luggage and clothes. Travel vacuum bags protect clothes from pests.

Prevent clothes from getting moldy

By using a vacuum storage bag for traveling, the possibility of clothes becoming moldy is minimized. If the clothes are left in the suitcase or closet for a long time, they will become wrinkled or moldy. Vacuum bags prevent penetration of air and moisture inside and minimize moisture and other damaging factors. So, the texture and material of the clothes remain intact.

In this article, we completely talked about vacuum storage for traveling using special bags. By using these bags, the problem of lack of space in luggage is easily eliminated. Also, these bags prevent fabric damage to clothes. Vacuum bags of Karya Pack have a resistant material. So, they do not tear easily and protect clothes from damaging factors. By buying a vacuum bag, you will have a comfortable trip and access to clothes.

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