Oxygen Reservoir Bag

Oxygen Reservoir Bag | The reservoir bag is connected to an oxygen tank. The mask covers both your nose and mouth.

Vacuum Channel Bags

Vacuum Channel Bags are produced with the new technology available at Karya Polymer Company for the first time in Iran.

Aseptic Packaging or Bag in Box is perfectly designed to extend the shelf life of liquid or semi-liquid food or industrial products

کیسه تازه نگهدارنده

Karya Pack Fresh Bag increase the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables up to 5 times. These have been designed for home use and are available in different sizes. Controlling the gasses percentage balance (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and the humidity of atmosphere inside the bags, Karya Fresh Bag increase shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Bag | Vacuum Bag reduces the volume of packaging up to four times. The possibility of easy evacuation of air with an automatic valve

Low Melt Batch inclusion bags

Low Melt Bag | Low Melt Batch inclusion bags also known as EVA bags, are commonly used for packing materials in industrial use

Released Embossed Film | Released Embossed Film is frequently used as separation films, usually on sticky substrates and dust