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What is Reservoir Bag

Many people suffer from respiratory diseases due to the new viruses and suspended particles in the air. In recent years, the corona virus has seriously endangered human health and unfortunately caused many people to lose their lives. In addition, the dangerous viruses of polluted air and dust of recent droughts have increased the number of respiratory patients. Access to oxygen is one of the necessities of respiratory patients, and science seeks to find new solutions in this field. One of these products is the reservoir bag, which has been produced and made available to patients in recent years. The reservoir bag is one of the most used masks for providing oxygen to patients. Stay with us in this article to learn more about the features of the reservoir bag.

The best way to store food for export

People around the world enjoy food from other countries. Yes! This is one of the most important reasons that we should be aware of the storage conditions of exported food products. Knowing the storage conditions of exported food products will help you, so that you can use the capabilities of food freezing well. All food and agricultural products that are transported for the purpose of export must be kept cold. Therefore, in this article, Karya Polymer talks to you about the challenges of exporting agricultural and food products. It also describes the best methods of preserving food for export. So stay with us until the end of this article.

Get to know the channeled vacuum bags

The channeled vacuum bag is one of the newest types of packaging, which is used for food packaging. Channeled vacuum bags have become very popular in recent years. These bags cause better storage and longer preservation of food due to their special structure.

Principles of car tire maintenance in different seasons of the year

Knowing the principles of car tire maintenance will help you prevent damage to the car tires. What are the principles of car tire maintenance which should be considered? It is good to know that different types of tires are produced and supplied, some of which are a good option for winter and others for summer. Tires used in winter are different from tires used in summer.

The best tire brands in the world and Iran

One of the most important structures of a car is its tires. Today, various tires with different qualities are available on the market. Balance maintenance is the main task of tires in the vehicle. So, quality and brand of tires are important parameters which should be considered during the purchase. A consumer is looking for high quality tires at a reasonable price. Today, Iranian tires can compete with foreign brands. If you are looking for the best tire brands in Iran and the world, stay with us in this article.

The challenge of agricultural products export

Iran is a country with four seasons. In every season, various fruits and agricultural products are produced. So, most of the regions of our country are capable of agriculture. Many people take advantage of this benefits and expand Iran’s exports.

Vacuuming clothes for travel

Packing and folding of clothes for traveling may seem simple, but there are some tricks that should be considered. Ignoring these notes will cause your luggage to fill up very quickly and you won’t be able to take everything you need. Moreover, the amount of luggage will increase and you will have many problems during your trip. Being familiar with the vacuuming of clothes of suitcase for traveling will prevent the mentioned problems. Moreover, you have more space at your home and you can take more supplies with you. Follow us on how to vacuum clothes for travel to know how you can take more things with less luggage.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is one of the new scientific approaches in the packaging industry. This method focuses on increasing shelf life by reducing microbial activity. In this method, the shelf life of the materials is increased by reducing the oxygen level and injecting a combination of specific gases.

?What is the Flexible packaging

What is flexible packaging? In the rigid packaging article, we discussed the types of available structures in the packaging industry. In the mentioned section, we indicated that there are two types of structures in the packaging industry (Rigid packaging and Flexible packaging). In this article, we are going to be familiar with the flexible packaging, discuss its advantages, disadvantages and application. Stay with Karya Polymer to learn more about this type of packaging.