What is the rigid packaging

Different types of structures in packaging industry were demonstrated in the article related to packaging and its history. The developed structures in the packaging industry (rigid packaging and flexible packaging) originate from the two important issues of transferring environmental pollution to the product and biological interactions of the product. It is better to first familiarize yourself with the features, advantages and disadvantages of this type of packaging so that you can make the best choice for packaging of your products. In this article, we will talk about rigid packaging.

The history of packaging

One of the basic concerns that has always existed since the past is the quality preservation (high-quality storage) of food including fruits, vegetables, meat and other protein products during storage and transportation. Improvements in technology have paved the way to address this issue. Currently, food preservation and storage have been turned to a desirable topic by technology advancement and integration of knowledge with various industries. I would like to kindly ask you to follow up the upcoming article on Karya Polymer website to investigate the changes in this industry from the past to the present and review the history of packaging

What is Vacuum Channel Bags?

Channeled vacuum bags are commonly used with home use nozzle vacuum sealers to obtain a full vacuum on less powerful machines. The nozzle vacuums the air around the contents, vacuum-packing it.

What is a vacuum channel bag
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