What is a vacuum channel bag

What is a Vacuum Channel Bag? 

These bags, also known as textured vacuum bags, are made of barrier multi-layer films and have an embossed inner surface, unlike traditional vacuum bags. These embossed, or micro-channels, help evacuate air from the package. In this way, more air can be removed from the container. Vacuum channel bags are ideal for storing oxygen-sensitive foods such as meat, poultry, fish, sausage, cheese, pulses, etc.

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How do vacuum channel bags work?

Because of the textured design, vacuum channel bags can easily remove air from the bags and provide a higher vacuum than usual.

Vacuum channel packaging increases the shelf life of food products by reducing atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi.

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Depending on the product, atmosphere, temperature, and barrier properties of the package, vacuum packing extends the shelf life of many foods, mainly when used with modified atmosphere packing.

Applications of vacuum channel bags

These bags are used for long-term food storage in a vacuum. Since they create a stronger vacuum compared to traditional vacuum bags, they have the following advantages:

  • Extend the shelf life.
  • Better preservation of taste and colour of food products
  • Reduce the incidence of freezer burn and moisture loss.
  • Store dry foods for a long period.
  • Prevent moisture from entering the packaging
  • Prevent moisture loss from food

About Karya Polymer vacuum channel bags

Karya Polymer Company has produced a vacuum channel bag with new technology for the first time in Iran. Due to the presence of micro-channels on the surface of the bags, the evacuation of the trapped air takes place more efficiently.


  • Easier removal of air from the package
  • Preventing the oxidation and discoloration of foods
  • Extend the shelf life of products and preserve the food taste
  • Reduction of freezer burns of the refrigerated food products
  • Possibility of printing on the packaging
  • Easy storage and transportation
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