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KM Packaging has launched a new range of mono-polymer material lidding films, made from polypropylene (PP), designed for recyclability.

About KM Packaging Company:

They are the global film lidding and wrapping experts.

KM Packaging Services Ltd is a leading provider of an extensive range of specialist lidding films and flexible packaging solutions for minor and major food companies.

Operating worldwide, they have an unrivaled knowledge of the variety of flexible packaging products and applications used within the food manufacturing, confectionery, and snack foods industries.

Their Expertise:

They have been supplying high-quality flexible packaging materials and lidding films to customers for over 25 years. They are proud to say many of those first customers are still customers today.

About mono-material PP lidding films

Quoted from Packaging Europe:

The sustainable films seal and peel to PP and PE-lined PP trays and can be used during microwave cooking and are suitable for ambient, chilled, or frozen applications.

The lidding films are intended for the packaging of poultry, meat, and chilled prepared foods. Features include:

  • Mono structure is made of one material type.
  • Designed for recyclability.
  • Ideal for use during food preparation and microwave cooking.
  • Peelable from the tray.
  • Suitable for ambient, chilled, or frozen applications.
  • Exceptional transparency.
  • Excellent anti-fog capability.

As well as satisfying the needs of supermarkets and consumers who are seeking more recycle-ready solutions, KM says it is helping to future-proof its food packaging.

The new PP lidding film is also designed for recycling worldwide, with some countries already having well-developed recycling infrastructures for polyolefin (polyethylene and polypropylene) plastics.

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