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Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Bags save on storage space and keep your rooms tidy but, ultimately, the best thing is that they store and protect your clothes when not in use. Maybe you have heavy winter clothes that are not needed in the summer, or cloth you just to keep safe. Basically, the vacuum seal bags act like vacuum packing like with food, only they are designed specifically for your clothes.
you place all your clothes inside the bag and using either a vacuum cleaner and vacuum hose or a special one-way valve vacuum pump/hand pump and they suck out all the air leaving it air tight to ensure everything inside remains free from dust, mites and other things that can damage the clothes when stored.
The best thing about these bags is that they keep away all the bacteria, as well as microbes from the clothes and keep them safe. This reduces the chances of the microorganisms developing that can potentially ruin your favorite clothes completely.
Choosing the vacuum bags is always a good idea, especially when you have a lot of clothes that you need to fit in a small space. The reason why you can manage to store so many clothes in such a small space is the fact that the air that comes in between the clothes when they are put with each other is sucked by the vacuum of the bag. This shrinks and flattens the fabric and, in turn, leads to creating more space that helps in storing ever more clothes in a compact space.

 Available sizes
  • 42 * 58 cm: suitable for reducing volume of cloths in travel
  • 50 * 70 cm: suitable for reducing volume of pillows and shirts
  • 80 * 100 cm: suitable for reducing volume of blankets and coverlets
  • 100 * 110 cm: suitable for reducing volume of mattress
  • 70 * 105 cm: with hanger suitable for your suits, coats and other cloths