Karya polymer R&D team, in order to increase the quality of fresh stored bags, is examining the cucumber product and different storage conditions to increase the shelf life
.These polymer bags are based on polyolefin


Released Embossed Film

Released Embossed Film is used as a liner to prevent rubber sheets stick together and also dust and other foreign matters from sticking to the rubber while calendaring and during storage to retain the properties of rubber before taken for further processing. This product is widely used by rubber sheeting, tire, tread and belt manufacturers. By its special formulation and different patterns, it effectively reduces adhesion and eases the whole process.

  • Tire manufacturers
  • Tread and conveying belt industries
  • Plastic compound manufacturers
  • Container liner
  • Manufacture of rubber Compounds
  • Manufacture of prepreg composite sheets (SCR)
  • Easy and clean release
  • Available in different thicknesses, patterns and colors
  • Preserve freshness, stickiness and cleanliness of rubber sheets
  • Avoid slipping of prepreg sheets
  • Eases cutting of raw rubber sheets in different sizes
  • Uniform thickness and proper heat resistance
  • Reduce waste and operation time and economize storage