Karya polymer R&D team, in order to increase the quality of fresh stored bags, is examining the cucumber product and different storage conditions to increase the shelf life
.These polymer bags are based on polyolefin


Food Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is a modern technique for packaging food products. The presence of oxygen in a food-containing container causes the growth of aerobe and fungal molds. In addition, oxidative activity inside the container creates an unpleasant smell flavors and changes in the color and nutritional properties of the food. In this way oxygen and all chemical and biological contaminants such as pollution substances and bacteria that are normally present in the air, are eliminated from being in contact with the product and maintains food characteristics of colour, flavour and nutritional value longer. In other words, it maintains all of the quality and economic value. Packaging technology in food preservation has improved over decades mostly due to the sealing of foods in oxygen impermeable package material and the quality of oxygen absorber 

The packages produced have different characteristics depending on the type of product, customer request and storage.
Three-layer films

Five-layer films
Metallized or transparent films
Sewing type and pouch
Main applications:
Fresh/Processed meat
Cooked products
Moist/dry food products