We are pleased to invite you to visit our booth at Agro Food Drink Tech Expo 2018,Tbilisi,Georgia.


Fresh Bag

Karya Polymer has made specialty products entitled fresh packaging bags to extend shelf life of fruits and vegetables while offering features corresponding to each specific products. The shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables are extended by controlling the gas permeability and maintaining the equilibrium amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture inside the packaging.

Fresh bags features:
 · Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables up to 3 times
 · Maintaining the freshness and taste of fruits and vegetables
 · Controlling the respiration rate and delaying the aging of fruits and vegetables · Eliminating the gases which reduce the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
 · Maintaining the moisture of products
 · Preventing the growth of bacteria and mildews
 · Reducing waste in the fruits and vegetables